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No Coding Necessary

SkyGiraffe enables you to deploy beautiful mobile apps that read & write from enterprise back-end systems - Immediately and Code-Free.
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Serious Security.

Data protection is critical when going mobile. To ensure that our customers are protected, we provide enterprise grade security for encryption, user authentication and authorization.
Secure Mobile
Forced HTTPS Encrypted Connection
Permissions Engine
Granular management of read, write & admin
User Management
Advanced permission controls
Single Sign-on
Microsoft Active Directory, oAuth
Enterprise Grade Security
Password policies, login hours, etc.
Full Audit Trail
Track and Review All User Actions


Native Mobile Applications.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a problem for the enterprise. SkyGiraffe is native and cross-platform, capable of full utilization of all major mobile operating systems. Additionally, SkyGiraffe’s apps are designed to operate on the specific device ensuring a better, faster, more optimal user experience.
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Seamless Database Integration.

Connect to MS SQL, Oracle, MS Dynamics, MySQL, Web Services, Analysis Services and others. Access critical data on your mobile device, with the ability to write-back to the data source and unified visibility across data sources.
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A Full-Stack Solution.

SkyGiraffe has developed a powerful way to read and update data from your mobile. Using our patent pending technology, optimizing secure communication between the data sources and mobiles, SkyGiraffe delivers your data in real-time.